Thursday, November 08, 2007

Party down!

I hereby decry Travis' 3rd birthday a success! Well, how could it not be, with presents and CAKE? Actually, we're doing 3 celebrations. Yesterday, his actual birthday was a Great Grandma's house. Friday night will be celebrated with my dad, by going out to dinner with MORE cake, presents, etc.... and then Saturday, we're going up to Jeff's family's for birthday #3. I'm sure presents will also be making an appearance there, too. ;)Also, I will be decorating a Blue's Clues cake. With many, many million blue star-tipped-buttercream-icing-piped stars. Entirely without wine. Unlike the Mickey Cake of last year. Because, I am, in fact, secretly a masochist.
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John, Rachael, Gavin, & Keaton said...

I feel like a jackass. I could have sworn his birthday was on the 9th. I was saying to myself, Hey today is T's b-day, better go say hi. Well shit, now I just look like a crpapy friend.

Happy Birthday T!

We made a pirate cake with the star icing hell. It took me and john 3 hours, and I was pregnant too. Now I refuse to ever do that again. Ever.