Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Maybe it's just a buggy software update....

Ever since Travis was a wee little baby.... any time he started with a brand-new behavior, we have had a running joke. "He got a new download." Like our Tivo - we're certain our child receives software updates, in the middle of the night.

Seriously, he'll wake up, and exhibit a never-before-seen behavior, shriek, or some other mind-boggling thing.... Jeff and I look at each other and one of us says "He must have gotten the new download." I think at this moment, he's running version 2.35 (cause he's 2 years, and 35 months old.) But version 2.35 is buggy. REALLY buggy.

And boy, do I ever want to run anti-virus on his narrow ass some days. Sigh.

The screaming, throwing things, hitting. It's driving us effing crazy. And time-outs only work so well, ya know?

So, today, after we go to our weekly Parents Place, I will be the one at the library checking out "How to Gently Discipline Your Spirited Toddler While Pregnant So That You Do Not Fly Off the Handle, or Spontaneously Combust, For Dummies."

Wish me luck.
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Wendy said...

Love and Logic! If you haven't heard of it check it out online. Read the book or if you can take the class. It really saved me from selling my oldest to passing gypsies. It's a great program.

I was like you are now. I knew I didn't want to spank but I was running out of options and my daughter's behavior kept getting worse. After months of feeling like the world's worst parent my girlfriend suggested this and we haven't looked back.

Anne said...

i love that. downloading. abso-fraking-right on! That's where my Emz is now.

Rachael said...

It's a 3 year old thing. Satan has possessed Gavin is what I say. We started just beating him silly :)