Friday, October 19, 2007

Feeling the burn.

I just got up from a nap. Hooray! Travis is still snoozing, at least until I hit Publish. So nice, considering it's been like pulling teeth to get him to nap. And then he's just so tired, cranky, and unreasonable. And yet, he JUST WON'T go down!

I DO have a terrific case of heartburn right now, that I can do NOTHING about. Apparently, it was a supremely BAD idea to make apple pie today. And to have Honey Dijon chips with lunch. Oh, and mayo on my sandwich. Yay!

I can't take Tums because the calcium in them apparently interferes with the absorption of the beta blockers in my blood pressure meds. Lovely, no? Also, I went in on Wednesday and my bp was 140/70. My dosage has been upped to 200 mg of Labetalol 3 times a day. I was already taking 200 mg twice a day.... but the last couple of days I have felt really crappy.... nauseated, headache, while my body adjusts to the new dosage.

Also, I started prenatal yoga this week. It's 1 hour on Tuesday and Thursday. I like it, but it's kicking my ass! Oh, my arms, chest, abs too! OUCH! At least it's also an hour of QUIET twice a week while Travis is down the hall in the Kid's Zone. Yay!

So, this weekend, we have a birthday party to go to for one of the kid's from our Parents Place class. They are doing some lavish thing at Pebble Beach... cause they have $$. So, that should be nice to go have a catered lunch tomorrow. Although, I still haven't found a good gift yet, I am leaning toward a gift card for Thinker Toys. Plus, we can stop by and pick it up in the morning with our Bucks run. :)

Tonight, we're having dinner with my dad.... although I don't know where yet. Crossing fingers that Travis behaves himself..... because last week at El Torito his behavior left much to be desired for the first half of dinner. We shall see....
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hollibobolli said...

Lord, I had the worst heartburn too. I remember (male) friends bringing over Indian food once - I literally thought I would die a thousand deaths. I'm sorry - do ice chips help at all? I lived on Sonic ice.

Faith's behavior lately has left much to be desired. This has to be a phase.

Rachael said...

No Tums? How will you survive? I was put on Zantac with Keaton go make them put you on something.

Gavin stopped napping at 2. But his OT at preschool said that we should start trying to give him naps again, that his behavior would benefit. So we started about a week ago and its gone well. He has taken them every day we've put him down.
It makes 3 more tolerable when they sleep.

Wendy said...

I hope the prenatal yoga helps. It will kick your butt for about two weeks and then you'll love it. Is it helping with the aches and pains?

Anne said...

I was able to take ranitidine for calcium and OTC. When my sister was preg with her twins, she suffered with the burn. She may have even tried azillion different meds trying to combat it. I imagine at this point you are in the 'what not to eat' learning stage. Good luck and have a saltine fer crissakes!

Rachael said...

Dude, T is in a size 7 diaper? I didn't even know they made a size 7. Gavin is a size 5, so is Keats. Keats could do a 4 still probably, just easier to buy one pack of the same ya know. We were buying size 6's for Gav in Huggies and the off brands. Because they are shitty and smaller.
Sorry to have to reply over here. My blog no longer emails me comments, so here I am.