Monday, October 29, 2007


Damn, time for an update, I guess. I had my OB appointmet this morning. Everything looks good. My bp was 130/60. I was shocked. My low number has never been that low. 70, es, once. But 60?! The nurse found the hb the first place she put the doppler. I was damned impressed. :) I had my blood drawn for the AFP/Triple Screen. That HURT! She apologized, and thinks she hit a nerve in my arm. Yeowch! I'm sure I will have the bruises to show for it tomorrow.

I also called the 3-D place and made the appointment for our gender-determination u/s on December 1. That's going to be so cool! Plus, this time around, Jeff's mom, step-dad, and sister will be able to be there with us! :)

We went up there this weekend, and celebrated BIL's birthday. It was a lot of fun. Yesterday we went and did a little shopping. Their Old Navy has some Maternity stuff. I got a nice hooded sweater for $12 and a cami with a built-in bra for my yoga class.

Tonight we're going to get a Costco pizza and carve our pumpkins.

Tomorrow is Jeff & my 10 year wedding anniversary!! :) Holy crap! How did THAT happen so fast?!

We're going to have his Grandma watch Travis for a couple of hours (for the first time ever!) and go have a nice dinner out. AND this Saturday we're leaving him with Jeff's mom OVERNIGHT! (Another first!) We're going to stay in Napa, and go out to a nice dinner at the Culinary Institute. My MIL gave me a Gift cert. last Christmas for there, and we wanted to use it before baby #2 comes. I am a little nervous about the leaving him overnight, but he'll be great. He loves going to Grandma's! :)
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Jamie said...

Wow! Ten years flies by so fast! It seems like just a couple years ago that I got the announcement of your marriage. Congratulations! I hope you have fun celebrating. Love ya!

Steph said...

WTF? 10!! Holy Cow! What happened to like...10 yrs ago? Anyway Happy Anniversary you two!