Tuesday, August 07, 2007


If the sun doesn't come out today, I will scream!

I can't deal with this crappy overcast in the midst of August bullcrap!

So, my 30th is Saturday... and I have no idea what we're going to do. Like - Jeff is no good at planning stuff. And, we're doing the family celebration thing next weekend.

My dad said he's giving me $ for yarn. LOL! He always gives me $ for my birthday.... but yeah. Yarn is good.

Although I have serious UFO (unfinished objects) syndrome going on. Bleh. I am such an ADD knitter.

Let's see? Next week I get to have my annual exam to make sure all my parts are in working order. LOL. I hate the cooter exams. Bleh.
Besides that... nothing of that much interest. We're going to a playdate in a 1/2 hour.... if I can get Travis to want to leave the house. He's still in his pajamas.

At least I showered and am dressed. And eating breakfast. Non-fat Greek Yogurt with honey and Kashi. Woohoo!

I think Travis just crapped his pants. Lovely.
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hollibobolli said...

If you're showered and dressed you're 2 steps ahead of me.

I hope you have a fabulous birthday! We'll be stuck in the car.

crapped his pant. LOL!!!!!

Anne said...

This too shall pass. At least his diaper is still on, right? Right?

Hope your birthday rawked out hon, and good luck at the dr.