Thursday, August 02, 2007

Busy, busy....

So, the whole regularly scheduled blogging? I guess I lied! :)

This week has been busy, yet low-key. And at least the sun came out today.... HELLLO??! It's SUMMER for Eff's sake! But you wouldn't know it due to the lack of sun in these parts.

But, definately regularly sheduled knititng is in full-force!
My Stitch 'N Bitch on Tuesday was a near-bust. There were 5 people.... and the all left early. So, me, myself, and I for the last hour. Oh well! I am making the Everlasting Bagstopper from Knitty. It's with Sugar 'n Cream. I need to take in-progress pics, and add it to Ravelry. It's fun, and bright, and mindless! And best of all? NO PURLING! WOOHOO! :)

Also, working on a baby cardigan for a friend who is due in October. I certainly hope she's having a girl, cause It's lavender! :)

I think, for now, I need to put the Mystery Shawl away.... it's just not enjoyable knitting..... right now at least. I have to be 110% focused, lest I end up with too many yarn-overs, or dropped stitches, and ripping it out it driving me nuts!

I need to start doing more digi-scrapping... I just downloaded a bunch of new stuff from Pepermint Creative. Hopefully, I will be inspired! :)

So, yeah. I am continuing my endovers to drastically cut out my Starbucks addiction, and so far, so good. I have not had a migraine, and hopefully it will be okay, especially since I LOVE the caffeine, it just does not love me! I have been sleeping better since cutting it out, and I really think a couple of times a week should be the max. We'll see.

I have yet to make it back to the gym.... since I wrecked my shoulder. I really, really need to go. Grr. Motivation is hard, sometimes!

I guess I'd better enjoy the last week of my 20s.... cause 30 is staring me in the face. YIKES!
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