Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Updated, finally

Me = serious slacker.

Really. I can't blog regularly? Lame!

My birthday was nice.... we went up to the City. We walked around, shopped a bit, and went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Yummy!!!

This weekend we head up to the IL's for my belated celebration. YAY!! :)

So, I went to the Annual Hay-Hay appointment today. Woofrickin hoo! He decided, since my BP was high - 140/90 to put me on meds. So, I started Labetalol today. I am 30, for eff's sake! Yikes! Anyway, I am supposed to take 2 pills a day, and in 2 days, I go back to have my BP checked again, to see if the dosage needs to be monitored. I have already cut out almost all caffeine, and 99% of added sodium, but I guess it's not enough. Ugh. So, we'll see how this works.

I mean, since we're hoping for a Baby #2 soon, and my BP was a wee bit (lots) high while I was pregnant with Travis,I guess it's good to get things under control now rather than later. I am not sure why I didn't get put on meds then, actually.... but that's in the past. So far, I have had this bizarre tingling of my scalp, since starting the med which I read is normal, but it feels so strange.

Anyway... I will really try and be better update-wise. Tonight I am making Blue Cheese Stuffed burgers for dinner. Yummy!!
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