Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cookies!! Dizzy!! Cookies!!

I decided it's been too long since I've baked cookies. So, I grabbed my copy of How To Be A Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson, and flipped through it. I found the recipe for her Snickerdoodles. It has seriously been ages since I last remember making these!

Travis helped me. :)He stirred the dry ingredients together with the whisk. blanketing himself and the countertops with whole wheat pastry flour. I always use WW Pastry flour when I bake. It makes no difference in the taste or texture of the finished product.... and it's much better for you anyway.

So, they're baking in the oven now.... and even though the recipe said Makes about 32.... I think I only got 15 -18 out of the recipe. They might end up huge! LOL!

I always do that. I can never, EVER get the correct yield out of cookie recipes, even if I use a teaspoon, or whatever. Don't know what's up with that.

In other news, the meds are making me lightheaded. Especially if I rise too quickly from a seated position. Woah! I read this is normal, but I will mention it at my follow-up appointment tomorrow morning, anyway. I hate having to be on something to fix me. But, I am resigning myself to the fact, that as long as it works, and it's safe, and the side effects aren't too bad.... I'll be okay with it.
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1 comment:

Grace said...

I never get even close to the number of cookies in any recipe! I think they must literally use a teaspoon and make tiny doll cookies or something.