Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Today, my sweet boy turned 4. Just like that... impossibly quickly. We had a good day. Well, except when his butterfly balloon sailed up into the sky. That resulted in many tears, and a very upset birthday boy. Between sobs he told me we needed to get a parachute to get it. His 4 year old logic, even in his time of despair made me smile inside, even as my heart broke for him. We solved the crisis with a few phone calls. Daddy brought a replacement butterfly balloon home after work with him, much to Travis' delight.

We went to dinner at Chili's and he enjoyed unwrapping his gifts and devoured his Lava Cake with such voracity, we were shocked, considering he hadn't seemed very hungry at dinner. We got him a Leapster set with the Wall-e game. He loves it! :)

I can't believe how fast my little man has grown right before our eyes. I want to do a collage with birth, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th birthday pictures. My backup drive is giving me issues right now, so that will have to wait until a later time.

Hapy 4th birthday to the sweet, trying little boy who first made me a mommy. I am far from perfect, but you remind me everyday that perfection is not necessary. Just trying your best, is perfect enough! :)

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