Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crossing off my to-do list slooowly, slooowly.

Today, I worked on our annual digi-scrappped calendar for several hours. Hubby installed Photoshop CS3 last week. I like it better than CS2 except for a few nit-picky things.

I also swept and mopped the kitchen, wiped down the fridge (which ALWAYS has smudges on it) also the dishwasher, oven, microwave. Oh, and dusted the entertainment center.

The one downside to having more room, is... um...having more room/rooms. They get dusty, cluttered, etc just eveything is more spread out, so it seems cleaner. HA!

Also? Something kinda weird... our toilets (all 3) had black rings in them when we moved in. Not too shocking, since the house was empty for many months before we bought it. I have cleaned them all very well with bleach-based toilet cleanser. I am generally very anti-chemical... I use natural cleansers whenever possible. (Except for my Swiffer Wet-Jet, and then I open all the windows!) Anyway, after a few days the black ring keeps coming back. What gives? Any ideas?

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Nellie said...

I try to do the same -no chemicals. However, the toilets (inside) are the exception. I use the Clorox toilet wands! They seem to work pretty well.

Nellie said...

Wait, I meant the inside of the toilets...not like the toilets inside of the house as opposed to the toilets outside of the house. Whew...need more coffee...