Monday, November 17, 2008

Potty Time!

Today was day 2 of Potty Training Bootcamp. Crossing fingers... but so far so good.

We have been doing underwear during the day at home, and Pull-ups for outings. Travis has peed in the potty every waking time, besides one pee accident yesterday morning, when we first put him in underwear. Last night he started to poop in his Pull-up, but finished up his business on the potty.

We promised an ice cream sundae from Baskin Robbins, and a new Leapster game for when he poops on the potty fully for the first time. You cal it bribery... we call it Operation "We'll-buy-you-an-effing-pony-just-crap-in-the-pot-kid-jeezus!"

About 6,000 times a day I ask him if he needs to go. Like a broken record I ask what he should do should he need to go potty. He repeats the Elmo Potty video propaganda verbatim. "Stop whatever you're doing and go! Otherwise you might have an accident!"

I won't lie... the thought of him peeing on the upholstery makes me ever-so-uneasy.... but at leat there is no carpet on the lower half of the house. Good fir him, bad for baby trying to walk. Whatevs...

So, wish us luck... hopefully this will be a success!

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1 comment:

Nellie said...

Yay Travis!!! You can do it! And, it's only temporary bribery, Mommy. It doesn't count as bribery. ;0)