Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Potty Party!

Travis pooped on the potty today!! :) It was this afternoon, and he was playing on the computer. He sid "Mommy, I have to go!" and ran to the bathroom. I assumed he was going pee, but he called me in show me. After he was wiped, flushed, and hands were washed, we went upstairs to share the great news with Jeff who was working in his home office. We are sooo proud of him!

As promised, we got him a new game for his Leapster (Backyardigans) and we went to Baskin Robbins for an ice cream sundae after dinner. Yay!!!

I wasn't sure when we'd have a #2 success, because yesterday he went in his underwear. Unpleasant, for sure!

I have made a big point of "telling" Ashley within his earshot about how big Travis is, and how she can use the potty JUST LIKE BIG BROTHER when she gets bigger. You know, kids are megalomaniacs at 4, and Scorpios are even more so.

I really hope we've made a breakthrough, and that he "gets" it! So, we'll cross our fingers, and hope it continues! :)

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