Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What goes up...

Must come down...

She's FINE! But, Ashley fell on her head today. (Her forehead, actually) We went to Tarjay. I needed to refill my BP RX. We also needed "C" Batteries (for her jumper), diapers (in size 2 AND 6...sigh)and I needed hair color... cause ugh, damn. I also ended up picking up 2 Glade scented oil thingies for $2.50 total with a coupon! Woot! And also some jars of Organic carrots (can't do homemade - nitrates)

Travis was playing his Leapster. Ashley (for once) seemed happy in the "bucket" (car seat) I didn't bring a carrier in... it was going to be a quick trip. Or so I thought.

The Pharm tech was going to lunch... and it was going to be about 30-45 minutes before my RX could be filled. We walked around... I filled the cart with all of the above crap... Travis sat in the actual cart playing his games. Ashley started to cry and make the "milk" sign.

I stopped at the entrance to the changing room area, and sat down to nurse Ashley on one of their red plastic ottoman thingies. I took the "bucket" off of the cart... and unbuckled her. She fussed, nursed, fussed. After about 10 minutes, I finally put her back in the car seat (and this is where I went wrong) I put it on the plastic ottoman thingy while I got up from sitting. Travis was getting restless, and starting to stand up in the cart. I went over to the cart (like 5 step away) and got him to sit back down. Ashley was crying because she didn't want to be in the car seat... and must have pitched herself forward in the seat in the process, causing it and her, to fall about 2 feet - flat onto the carpeted floor.

I immediately righted the seat, and aside from some slight rug burn on her forehead, she was and is fine, just super-pissed-off. The fact that I always make sure the harness is fairly tight was a big contributor to her lack of movement in the seat, even while inverted.
We were immediately surrounded by no less than 10 Target employees (including the "lunching" pharm tech!) after the dressing room attendant called "Code Green!"
All the while I was just trying to get Ashley to nurse and calm down.

Once I evaluated her situation, I shoo'd them off, and declined to fill out an accident report. I mean, really? Document the fact that I totally effed up...and, what? Promise not to sue them?! Like my mistake was somehow their fault? Whatever.

Anyway, I called the Pediatric Group while I sat there... and they told me what to look out for...lethargy, change in demeanor, the usual stuff.

Then, I strapped her into the car seat again, so I could actually push the cart - and went to pick up my prescription.

Sigh. Not my proudest mommy moment, for certain. But I think I handled it with a calm demeanor. As calmly as I could, given the situation... and she is no worse for wear. I wish I could say the same for my frazzled nerves.

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