Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Washable? Ha!

Gah!!!! While I was unloading the dishwasher a few minutes ago, Travis came out. I cleaned up his room this morning, and he had been playing happily with his train set - or so I thought.

He came out, and his arms, face, and legs were teal. He happily exclaimed he drew with the marker! My heart sank, as I dried my hands, and followed him down the hallway. There was marker all over the TV in my room! Oh, and my bedroom door! How effing exciting!!!

So, I did what any bad mommy would do... I lost my shit... I yelled at him to find the goddamned marker. He swore he didn't know where it was. I turned the tv to the "blue screen" and told him no more tv until he found the marker.

I was able to wipe the tv off, no problem - with a baby wipe. The door? Motherfucker. I cannot get it cleaned off. Not with babywipes, or rubbing alcohol... or even spray-on sunblock (a remedy I found online). So, I am going to get a Mr. Clean Eraser and hope for the best.

Of course, this happens just a few days before we give our notice, too. Loooovely!!

Dear Crayola:

I bought your so-called "Washable" Markers for this very reason. Kids draw on things. Things that are NOT. PAPER. I tried your stain-removal remedies, and then some.

Teal AKA Azul Verdoso AKA Bleu Sarcelle is still on my damn door.

I have just one thing to say....

Fuck You! Andate a la mierda! Vas te Faire Foutre!


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Christina said...

Oh No! This has happened to me & don't believe in washable coloring stuff...even crayons! They don't work! Anyway, use the Mr Clean Eraser thing, it works to remove writing/drawings on walls/doors. And don't worry...I yell at my almost 4 year old boy everyday for doing stuff like this...ugh.

Rachael said...

Dude, this happened to me just a few days ago. I purposely bought the ones that said "WASHABLE" in big print vs the regular (which are still washable I think). Anywho Keaton scribbled all over the front door while I was blow drying my hair. I had to use magic eraser and it is still stained in areas. Piece of shit markers! Piece of shit kids too. When do they stop experimenting with this stuff?