Friday, August 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

I've been absent... not for lack of things to write about... but by not wanting to jinx things.

We found a house, and are in escrow. Perhaps I should call it "an escrow-ish state" - because we still need some documents... like the signed contract from the seller (in this case a large bank...) *cough* countrywidebofa/omgwtfbbq!

There has been both an inspection and appraisal... the inspection went very well. The house is in faneffingfabulous condition. The appraisal... it went -ish. The appraiser was apparently concerned that we were paying over list price - Hi, ever heard of multiple offers? He was also voicing speculation that the price we were paying was a considerable amount more than other recently closed homes in the area.

Yeah, about that... a lot if not most of those homes had Issues. Wall to wall gawdawful technicolor trashed carpeting, holes in the walls, generally run-down, non-permitted additions, you name it! We saw scads of houses that would have required need tens of thousands of dollars in repairs/upgrades. Some of which we walked into and literally turned RIGHT around and walked out. And even with their glaring flaws, they were listed the same or more than the home we put the offer on. Which really only needs appliances, window coverings and a tiny bit of painting (the room Jeff would use for his home office is eye-searingly bright-ass Disney paint... aqua? So, yeah... needs to be repainted. A bit of touch-up paint in the living room... and we're good to go.

But, we are waiting in an almost/but not quite there.... stuck in a holding pattern. I have this uneasy feeling I can't shake. The not knowing makes me crazy. The feeling that the rug could be yanked right out from under us at any moment.... sigh. Crossing fingers...

So, barring any craziness, we *should* be closing on the 19th of September. Wish us luck...
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Christina said...

Good Luck with the house purchase! Hope you get it. I know how nerve- racking it is because we went through this not too long ago. Wish you luck.

Rachael said...

I love love love love your house! I am green with envy at its beauty :). If you need me to move in and watch TV with you let me know, I'm totally willing! HA!