Friday, August 01, 2008

Got Milk?

Minutes ago, Travis emerged from his room, where he had been playing quietly for a few minutes. I figured he'd come out to tell me he went poop, or something.... as that's usually where he prefers to go. However, this time, he cheerfully thrust a lidded-sippycup (Diego take-n-toss) into my hand.

"This milk smells gwoss" he said.
I took one look at the curdled contents, and gagged.

"Travis, did you drink this?" I asked him... realizing that it was from yesterday.

I normally do not allow any liquids outside of the living/dining room... but yesterday he'd requested a refill after lunch... the rest of the milk in the carton. So, I brought it into his room and told him to drink it before we left the house. Then, I changed the baby. And washed my hands, and probably answered the phone, and nursed the baby...and forgot it was in his room.

He made a face, as I poured the clumpy contents into the sink, carefully avoiding our sponges.

"Yeah" He said. And then quickly "No, I can't like that milk"

Oh, crap... I thought. He DID! Or, then again, maybe he didn't. He's usually good about asking about contents before drinking. "Is that clean?" He'll ask.

So, I really have NO clue whether he did. I gave him a glass of ice water... and am hoping for the best.

In other milk-related news... little Miss Ashley has been going through a SERIOUS growth spurt this week. I literally cannot nurse her enough. Yesterday, she nursed for probably 40 minutes out of every hour. My nipples are cracking, and sore. I can't tell if it's comfort-sucking, or nutritional, probably both. I am really hoping she's getting enough. I got a tincture at Pharmaca today, so hopefully, that will help increase my supply. Wish us luck!
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Rachael said...

HA! Both of my boys have taken sips of nasty milk on a couple occasions. One time when Gavin was about 16 months old he drank so bad milk and threw up. HA!