Monday, August 11, 2008


Well, I turned 31 today. 31. It seems like that is impossible... wasn't I just 21 a few short years ago? Yeah, try 10 not-so-short ones. How did the time start going by so fast? Well, 31 feels just like 30.... except...on my last birthday, I was pregnant with Ashley - just barely, though. Just 5-ish weeks... cells, rapidly forming...and now, she's here... this chunky monkey 4 month old bundle of sweetness. And, don't even get me started on how big Travis has gotten in the last year. He's taller, cuter, smarter, more challenging than ever before.

I am a mother of two children. A wife of 11 years.
We're in the process of looking for a house to buy... our first home.
We pay our bills, our
I drive a minivan for eff's sake!
For all intents, and purposes, a full-fledged responsible adult.

Some days, I'd give anything to be 20 again, with far less responsibility... less money, less stuff, less thought as to what goes on in the world.

It would be nice to visit, 20 - sure... but I am certain I'd want to come back to 31.

31, where this morning I was greeted with a cheerful "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" by the cutest little boy ever. The little boy who will be 4 in a few months - and at this time next year, rounding 5.

Also, this morning I was greeted by demands for milk by the cutest chubbable little baby girl. Who, at this time next year, will be over a year old.

It's amazing how a year changes nothing, yet everything, all at once.
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SweetPea Fibers said...

Happy Birthday! If it helps, you don't look a day over 21, driving that minivan.

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday! Don't worry, 10 yhears from now you'll be wishing that you were 31 again. No mortgage, no kids in school... These will soon be the good old days.

Anne said...

oh please. 31 ain't nothing but a thing. Happy Birthday you knitting photographic hag! I'm so glad to know you!