Wednesday, January 30, 2008

30 weeks....

WTF? Where HAS the time gone this go-round?

I swear, it wasn't that long ago that I saw those pink lines on the HPT.... and now we're down to T-Minus 7-ish weeks?

How the hell did that happen?! Um, time flies when you're chasing around a very crazy 3-year-old, that's my guess.

I had an OB appointment yesterday... uneventful, mostly. I'm trying to ignore the fact that I gained 3 pounds in 3 weeks. Ugh. My BP was 124/78... and that includes what my OB jokingly referred to as "being under duress..." due to the fact that Travis was NOT cooperating in order to leave the house for my appointment. Now begins the once every 2 week visits... cause we're getting closer.

Anyway... I finally hung up Ashley's clothes in the closet. Well, Travis' closet, actually... but we mostly store boxes in there, anyway. We're set for 0-3 month stuff.... for sure. Thanks in large part to the 75% off sale that Old Navy had a few weeks back. MIL and I scored some freaking awesome deals!

The 3-6 month stuff is filling out, and we have some things that are 6-12 already. I bought a really cute outfit for next Christmas (6-12 month size) at Gymboree yesterday. Marked down from $38.00 to $4.99. Really - I had to get it.

Anyway... It does look like a pink atom bomb detonated in that half of the closet... and - seriously? If this kid comes out with a penis... I am going to flip the eff right out. ;)
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1 comment:

Anne said...

HAHAHAH!!! Healthy, look, anything after a healthy baby is just pudding. I cannot believe you are so close; that is awesome!!!