Friday, November 30, 2007

Choose Wisely....

Most days, I'm all about offering choices to Travis whenever possible. Choices empower kids, and it's good for them. Part of it, I suppose, is also selfish. Especially on non-essential matters, choices make MY life easier, most of the time. I will admit, that often times... the "choices" offered are both things that I want... for example...

"Okay, you can either put your shoes on first, or your jacket."

"You can eat your yogurt first, or have cereal."

Or, things they are things that get the job done, regardless of the "choice." And MOST times, they diffuse potential conflicts before they can start.

"You can get into your carseat yourself, or Mommy can put you in."

"You can hold my hand in the parking lot, or mommy will carry you."

I let him choose between two pairs of shoes and I let him choose between two different shirts when I get him dressed. I've been known to give him a choice between two different designs on his diapers. He chooses between Mickey and Little Einsteins on Tivo. Sometimes, he decides on Blues Clues instead.

There are times, though.... when Travis comes up with his own choice. One that was clearly not offered. Bargaining.... like he'll ask for the shirt that's in the dirty laundry pile after I've already given him the option between two clean ones. Or, worse, still... the shirt he outgrew however many months ago... 'cause his memory? It's like STEEL!

I asked him today, "Would you like waffles and eggs for breakfast this morning or Yogurt"? He counters that he wants Brownie Bites from Starbucks. At 8:30 in the morning. Um, nope. Nice try, bucko.

The real problem is that he's incessant! He'll repeat his request.... scratch that - his DEMAND no less than 850 times.

"Want brownie bites!!! Waaaant brownie bites!!!! Go byebye! Get brownie bites!"

And NOTHING will sway him. He goes on, and ON and OOOOONNNNN, until I nearly lose my marbles.

He finally relented on the breakfast this morning.... (waffles and eggs, by the way) but only after an HOUR of alternating (in his whiniest voice) ....

"Brownie bites? Where'd Daddy Go? Go bye bye!" in an endless, yet varyingly-worded loop.



Tell me this gets easier? Please? Feel free to lie to me.... if you think it will make me feel better! :)
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Jamie said...

If all you need is a reassuring lie then in one month Travis will instantly turn into a perfectly behaved little angel. Oh wait, you wanted a believable one? Well then, I'll just switch to the truth. It sounds to me like you have every reason to believe that this is an annoying phase that he'll grow out of. And then he'll start another annoying phase. That's the way it is with kids. But at least you get some variety.

Anne said...

yeah, i like the idea of offering choices but man. when they don't want to choose and make demands? fergetaboutit. And yeah, one annoying phase preceding another. ZZzzZZZZ.