Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yesterday I had my OB appointment. I got a bonus ultrasound! Everything is fine! The reason for said view into my womb was the Wold's Oldest Doppler, coupled with the fact that I am chubby. I think. Anyway.... no luck finding the heartbeat with the Star Trek-era doppler..... so they popped me into the u/s room for a peek. I finally got an abdominal one, no wand in the hay-hay in the A.M......thankyouverymuch! Woofreakinghoo!! No print-out of this one.... but heart is fine, everything appears to be on track. So much so, that I get to go in bi-weekly for a bit! YAY! These weekly trips to his office have served their purpose.... but I am ready for a bit of a break! Not to mention the $35 co-pay each visit adds up!

And, I didn't even bruise so much from the bloodwork. It's about the size of my pinky nail. Nice, really....unlike last time where I was sporting a HUGE nasty bruise for 10 days afterward.

Also, I bought a doppler online last night. I found a Hi Bebe for about $100 - and it seemed like a great deal.... considering the digital-readout ones are close to $50 monthly to rent, and even the basic ones are at least $20 a month. This will be good, cause I will own it, and be able to use it for this and any possible future kiddo.
(Or, at least let friends borrow it, whatever....)

Anyway. Need to get dressed and start my day. I was up at 4am... but went back to bed as Jeff was getting up at 5:30ish.

I also need to decide if it's worth dragging Travis to Parent's Place today.... he's been a pain in my arse about it the last few times. Melt-downs, tantrums, the whole nine yards. We may just try the drop-in classes for a bit.... he can only go to Core class for another couple of months anyway - turning 3 in November and all.

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Wendy said...

I HATE the vaginal ultrasounds! But I guess it's to prepare you for the lack of modesty to follow. I hope the glucose test goes well.