Monday, September 17, 2007

How my morning started....

(crappy picture.... but my first Moblog!!)

I had to go to the lab and do the 1 hour glucose tolerance test. Meaning....
I got there at 7:30, and proceeded to have to down this nast-ay orange syrupy crap in 5 minutes. Oh, yeah.... on an empty stomach. No water chaser. Lovely. Then I had to wait there for an hour..... not bad.... I had my iPod, and my knitting....

And then they took eight vials of blood from me. Lovely, no?

I joked with the nurse that she could go ahead and put half the vials back when she took them out of the drawer. She was sweet, and laughed.... and tried to keep it quick and painless.

When I was pregnant with Travis, I didn't even have to do the glucose test until, like 22 weeks.... so having it done this early was new to me. And I have felt tired, cranky, and crapppy all day long because of it. Yay. :(

But, I guess I just don't do well with blood draws.
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