Monday, June 04, 2007

Responsible & Shit... ;)

So.... it's Monday.... I have been seriously lagging in the blogging department. Sigh.

Last week, it seriously sucked weather-wise here.... grey and overcast All Day - Every Day! I was getting depressed.... seriously.

We also skipped our usual Tuesday park, and Wednesday playgroup, due to lack of sleep (me) and runny nose (Travis).

But, on Saturday, we kicked ass!

We went out to breakfast with my dad. Then afterward, I asked if we could borrow my dad and his truck for a few hours. We FINALLY donated all the crap that's been cluttering up our lives, and went to our storage, and purged a ton of stuff. We consolidated, and made room for the many boxes and totes of Travis' outgrown baby items. Including our stroller. Eh hem.

I can no longer do my walk on Thursdays, because Travis acts like our BOB stroller is killing him every time we try. He ends up screaming for 1 1/2 miles. and I have to put him in the Mei Tai and carry him up the hills on my back. Aww hell to the NAW!

I decided to bite the bullet, and join the gym. Suddenly $300 for 6 months doesn't seem so bad. ;) They have really reasonably-priced child-care, and today was our first day.

Travis cried at first, when I tried to leave the room - but the nice young lady assured me that someone would come and get me if he didn't calm down.

So, I went into the cardio room, and got on the PreCor Elliptical Machine. I turned on the FitPod podcasts I downloaded. Ugh. Wasn't feeling it.... tooo slow!

Then I put on the Crystal Method Nike Drive Mix, and I was OFF! For the next 40 minutes, I sweated, and sweated, and drank water, and Felt. The. BURN!

My heartrate averaged at 135 bpm. So, not too bad, considering my lack of regular exercise....

I showered, and went back to my locker. For the life of me - I could NOT remember my combination to the lock I'd just purchased. I tried, and tried, wrapped in a towel.... and got more and more frustrated. I KNEW the numbers! I just couldn't remember the order. Grr! SO, they cut it off with bolt-cutters, so I could get dressed and fetch The Boy.

He was playing, and chilling, and I was told he did very well. That made me super-happy! :)

We went out to Chipotle for lunch, and then hit the Bath & Body Works sale. Yummy!

We came home, and napped, and I really must get motivated enough to unload and re-load the dishwasher and fold 3 loads of laundry before Jeff gets home. Um, and dinner. Must make dinner.

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Anne said...

good for you! I live on the elliptical at the gym because it is so much easier on my oldassed knees. Travis will adjust to it(Lily and Emma did) and you are taking good care of yourself!

hollibobolli said...

Well hell's bells!! You think they would keep a list of the combination codes somewhere in case of freaking emergencies - good grief!!!

Yay for you doing the gym thing. For some reason my freaky shyness comes out and I can't do the gym thing. I feel like everyone knows I don't know how to use the equipment - or something. I need to just put my ass on the nordic trak that is taking up space here.

As for getting rid of crap - I have so much stuff yanked out into the middle of rooms for garage sales or eBay, it looks like the crap has tripled!!

Btw, I saw on a gymboree loop some really cute Janie and Jack boys outfits listed at super low prices. I didn't know if you used those loops for clothes, but they were cute and cheap. I heart Janie and Jack!

Scattered Gemini said...

Psssst....Off topic here. Have you figured out that baby kimono issue yet?

Oh cool! Le Leche League and stuff. I'm currently knitting up lots of baby items for a friend of mine to take to a convention like thingy that is to be held next month in Chicago. She asked for donations for an auction, well...she's getting whatever i can knit by July 1st. Wheeeee!!!