Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Found in Translation

Must get out of this once a week blogging rut. Ugh.

So, sore throat is about 99.8% gone. YAY! And, I have been to the gym 3 times since last week. Monday, Thursday, and this Monday. Going this morning, too. Travis seems to like it fine.... he fights me getting ready, but then, he's VERY 2 at the moment... and fights with gravity. Sigh.

In the last couple of weeks he's pottied a couple of times in the potty. Not to be repeated.... another sigh. And, he was doing well, sleeping in his bed a couple nights a week. But, alas... since Saturday. Nada. Again...Sigh.

Also, he's taken to saying "OOOH, SHIT!" So, yeah. You know that Parent of the Year Award... not happening this year. We have really tried not to swear as much in front of him, but you know.... kids latch on to EXACTLY what you don't want them to say and do. Grr.

On a happier note, Travis is becoming more vocal. He is dropping some of the "babyish" words for things. ie: "Lala" has become (usually) "water". And always identifies it by the color of the cup it resides in "Blue Water" "Guhreen Water" "Ellow Water!"

Travis thrives on routine. Each morning he wakes up and asks for "Flower 'ogurt, and Oggerries 'ogurt" (= Flower Yogurt = Trader Joes Vanilla) (Oggerries= Trader Joes Blueberry) Most afternoons he requests "Cheese Seeich, please!" For Lunch (Grilled cheese sandwich) and "Cheese an Crackers" for snack.

He calls my car "Mommy Spiderman 'ilber car" (Mommy's Spiderman Silver Car) because someone gave us a Spiderman antennae ball. He says things like "Mommy, GYM! Mommy EXERCISE! Mommy, RIGHTBACK! " Whenever we drive past the gym. When we go past the grocery store he excitedly yells out "SHOPPING!" or "YAY! TRADERJOES!"

The child can ID a Starbucks at 30 paces "'ARBUCKS! COFFEEPLACE!" 'ELLOWDONUTPLEASEM&MBARPLEASEthankyou!" (Yellow donut please, M & M bar, please, thank you!)

He runs things together like that. And whenever he wants to proclaim his pride by doing something he says "Big boy ____bysewf!" (by self).

He loves the park. He'll say "Choochoo park" or "Beach" or "Amium" (aquarium) or "BYEBYE SOON!" "BOOKSTORE!" When he wants to go out of the house.

He can do a High 5, Down Low, and "Knuckles" and if you ask him how old he is he says "Twoandhalf!"

When given a choice, like "Travis, do you want Pizza, or Mac 'n Cheese for dinner?" He goes back and forth. "Mac n Cheese or Tizza? Tizza? Mac N Cheese?" And usually ends with "YES! Tizza! Yes, Mac N Cheese!"

So, as much as my little man loves to drive me nuts by reverting into a mini-caveman.... pointing yelling, grunting, and throwing things.... he really is coming into his own.... and starting to figure out this world around him.

I am amazed each day at his perception, and intelligence, and sweetness. I love my little boy!
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