Monday, May 28, 2007

A brief respite from ordinary life....


Thant was nice. :)

We spent the weekend at the in-laws.... and celebrated MIL's B-day (it was the 24th).

I spent all day Friday running errands, and making the accordion scrapbook album of our Mexico trip for part of her b-day gift.

(We also got her a PINK Blue*tooth headset to match her phone.)

Anyway... the project took HOURS.... and included a trip to Costco to pick up the photos, and Target and the craft store for supplies. Oh, and Aaron Bros. for the bristol board, 'Cause... that's how I roll.
I am SOOOOO white..... and I have had a bit to drink, so, um.... shouldn't be blogging. Thank goodness for spell check.


Anyway.... I baked the requested German Chocolate cake.... cause I'm Martha like that. And, um. Yeeah. I bought DULCE DE LECHE instead of the sweetened condensed milk that I needed for the frosting. Note to self.... DO NOT go grocery shopping at the end of the Friday before a 3-day weekend. Just DON'T.

Anyway... we ended up going to the store on Saturday for the remaining ingredients.... and all was well in the world.

Sunday, we hung out in the morning, and my wonderful mother-in-law took Travis for us from about 3 until 11:30pm.

I REALLY needed a break!! :)

We went up to The City.... and went to our favorite Victorian Punch House in the Haight. It's a wee bit dive-ey.... but it IS on Haight Street.... so, isn't everything? We had our requisite House Punch, and for round 2 I got a drink called "Kitchen Sink". As in Everything BUT the Kitchen Sink! It had like 5 kinds of rum in it!!! Needless to say... I was feeling good at that point. :)

We went to Escape from New York Pizza and had a slice of yummy pizza. I had my favorite: "You Say Potato". It has sliced, roasted potatoes, and roasted garlic cloves, and pesto. YUMMY!

Afterwards.... it got unbearably chilly! And SUPER foggy.... so we decided to drive back to Walnut Creek. I'm glad we did, cause as soon as we crossed over the bridge, the sun was warm, and we weren't freezing our arses off any longer!

We walked around downtown.... but since it was Sunday, most of the shops had closed.... so we didn't do any shopping. Which is probably a good thing.... anyway. We went to a pub and had a couple of Smithwicks. (See a pattern here? We leave the kid so we can DRINK. In peace.) LOL.

ANyway... we went to dinner at this great Italian place, Tomatinas. And then, after checking in with my MIL, we decided to go see Spiderman at 9:00.

It was a great movie! I really enjoyed it, and the chance to spend the entire day just hanging out with Jeff without the little Ballbreaker! ;)

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