Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Last one standing...

Our tree is still up... I really need to take it down. We wanted to do it this weekend, it just never happened. I am taking the ornaments off tonight, at least that's my intent. Oh well, the merits of a fake tree, I guess...Taking the stockings, mantle crap down. Packing away the wrapping paper and bows for next year.

WTF is up with Target not putting the Christmas storage boxes on clearance yet? Grr! I was barely able to get any wrapping paper on clearance at all this year... everything was swooped up in record speed. But those damned storage totes taunt me each time I go.

What a first-world problem to have tough... right?

Anyway... I am a collosal slacker. Need to get my crap together... get dressed, and go get my mom so she can come hang out and get her laundry done.
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