Thursday, December 04, 2008

'Tis the Season...

Not much exciting going on lately... which is not really a negative thing, if you ask me. Aside from a couple of random puking episodes by Travis the other night, all has been mostly quiet.

Ashley's 3rd tooth finally broke through... and she is working on her 4th. So far with first foods, avocado seems to be the big favorite. We've done sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears, bananas (which caused back-up issues), and baby oatmeal (only twice - for the same reason as bananas)

Most waking, (and asleep moments) she is either camped out next to me on the couch, nursing... or in a carrier (if we are out) nearly always in arms, either that or getting into trouble by trying to scale the stairs, or mess with various pieces of technology. She loves the Harmony remote, my cell phone, the buttons on the X-Box, and the computer. Her brother's light-up shoes amaze her... and disgust me, in my never-ending effort to keep her from licking them when they get discarded near her reach.

She still hates everyone but me (I am only partially kidding) - she will flirt with daddy and the grandparents while ensconced safely in my arms... but if I dare to hand her over, 9 times out of 10 it is meltdown city.

Travis is doing well... loves his Leapster games...and has memorized the entire opening sequence of his Sonic Game, replete with hand actions. He loves Mario Kart on the Wii. He's mouthy, and punky, and loving, sweet, and cute all at once. He is 100% using the potty during the day. I am so proud of him! Once we are out of the Pull-ups we have, I won't buy anymore, except for possibly the night time ones.

He's really getting very good at communicating very articulate thoughts... yesterday, after watching Wall-e with me and my mom he said:

"Mommy, for halloween I can be Wall-E, and Grandma Mary can be Eve. You can be a witch or something!"

Ok... I will try my best not to be offended by that statement.

Travis is really getting the idea of Christmas this year. He asked to hear the "Jingle all the way" song today. I put some Christmas songs back on my ipod, and we listened to them today.

I really want to start decorating, and maybe we will get some holiday pictures taken this weekend if the kids are agreeable.

And as for me... I still have not used my scrummy bubble bath or my new bathtub, or colored my hair.

Yeah, besides wrangling the kiddos...I get next to nothing accomplished during the day... but I guess they are only this young once, and housework will always be there.

I did get some lip gloss from, and so actually wore makeup this week, and tweezed my eyebrows the other day. My jeans are getting bigger, although I can't find my scale... I know I am losing weight. After the holidays, I am planning to start a modified version of the Sonoma Diet once again (so I will still be able to nurse) - and still lose some weight.

So, that's about it....

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Nellie said...

My nursing-friendly chocolate "shake"...
one packet carnation instant breakfast (200 cals...sugar box), one serving chocolate superfoods (not to worry, it tastes great!),teaspoon or so of ground chia or flax seeds, frozen strawberries and mango (or your favorite combo), fat free milk and a squeeze of chocolate syrup. today i added about 1/4 avacado just becuase it was left over. blend until smooth! i think it's got enough in it for a partial meal replacement and often do this when i forget to eat lunch or breakfast.