Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two weeks down!

I've been in a vortex... nursing Ashley, changing both kids' diapers, making food... trying to remember to eat enough myself, and drink enough water... occasionally even managing to make it out of the house, you know... adjusting. Trying my best to ignore the growing pile of laundry needing to be done... the toys strewn all over the living room... the magazines and general clutter needing to be dealt with. Nothing a well-placed hour couldn't handle. But, I don't have a well-placed hour. I have mere minutes between what the baby needs, and what the Boy wants... and I must manage to do things like... ummm...go pee, and other important stuff like eat breakfast. So I guess the house-stuff; it will get done, just not right now. i'm lucky if I can remember to run the dishwasher in the mornings(pre-loaded by Jeff late-night after dinner.)

So, yeah... doing well, yet still trying to get back into the swing of day-to-day household maintenance without going crazy in the process.
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