Thursday, April 17, 2008


Baby Girl had her first pediatrician appointment Tuesday. She's 7 lbs, 10 1/2 oz. She was 7 lbs at birth, and only 6 lbs 12 oz when we were discharged from the hospital. So, that's almost a whole pound!! She's also grown 1/2 an inch in length, from 20 inches to 20.5 inches!

We also decided to switch to another doctor in the Pediatric group... even though Dr. B was my childhood doctor... he's nearing 80, and very set in his ways. The doc we're switching to came to the hospital and did Ashley's first exam. Dr. H is funny, and reminds me a bit of Andrew Weil. He mixes holistic remedies with traditional medicine. He told me to take Fish Oils (which I already do), and Acidopholus (which is always in our refrigerator), and Vitamin D3. Also, he's very pro-breastfeeding. He tells all of his patients to breastfeed 'til college! LOL! :) My kind of doctor! Dr. B seemed to think the benefits of breastfeeding wear off after a year, which CLEARLY isn't the case!

Also, Dr. H staggers the vax schedule, so the kids don't get so many at once. All in all, I feel like he's a better match...and nostalgia alone isn't a good enough reason to keep Dr. B as the kids' doctor.

Anyway,little Miss Ashley is thriving. She should be, considering she does almost nothing but nurse all day!

I'm starting to get used to this whole having 2 kids thing... and trying to keep everyone happy without going too crazy in the process.

I think I'm healing pretty well, although I am fairly sure I did something to my stitches the other day. Walking, sneezing, straining while going to the potty... something... I have an appointment Monday with my OB (his office had to reschedule me from yesterday due to a surprise delivery) so I will have him check and be sure everything is looking normal down there.

Travis is doing well with the transition... much better than we expected, actually.
Especially since we've been homebound for almost the last 2 weeks... the kid is holding up pretty well. We've watched a lot of Tivod shows lately, and he loves playing on the computer. Jeff set up this software for him called Peanut Butter which allows him to access his games, and websites without messing with the rest of our computer and settings. It definately rocks!

Well, my mom is coming in soon...which means I will be able to empty and reload the dishwasher. Wohoo! Also, need to go to Target for diapers (for both kiddos), Lansinoh for me), and wipes for Ashley. Oh, and a half-caf iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel sounds really good, too! :)
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Rachael said...

Wow she is going to be a chunker. My boys were always so slow in gaining in the beginning. I am glad you found such an awesome Ped too! We had to switch because our guy just was shitty. Its nice to have someone who is willing to delay vax's too. That is a rarity.
Glad to hear you are adjusting to two so smoothly. I think it took me 3 solid months to get the swing of how to go places with my kids. It was hectic. Than again Gavin was just a baby himself when Keats came. So I like to blame that.

Wendy said...

I am so jealous of your ped but so glad you found someone so awesome.

She gaining great!!! It's always a relief when they gain back their birth weight.

I am glad you are adjusting so well. I had complete confidence in you. :)