Thursday, April 03, 2008

Still Pregnant... dammit.

So, still here... no baby yet. Still 2 cms, 50% effaced. Still losing bits of icky pluggy stuff, and still having Prodromal Labor. My bp was 150/110 - but no protein in my urine, so good there. My doctor tried to strip my membranes, but apparently he couldn't reach them, due to the baby still being kind of high in my pelvis. He said 2nd kids don't usually engage until the end stage of labor.

Also, although he does feel for me - with having 48+ hours of Prodromal Labor, he said I "wouldn't be happy" with him if he induced me right now, because my cervix still isn't ready. I asked about using Evening Primrose Oil to help ripen my cervix... and he said it couldn't hurt, but also hasn't been proven to help, either. Ugh.

So, I walked around the mall with Travis for awhile, and then had a spicy lunch at Chipotle. Both also couldn't hurt, and may help... who knows?
So, I need to go back Monday, unless something happens before then. He said he highly doubts I will make it through the weekend. Here's to hoping.
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