Friday, April 04, 2008

Throwing in the towel, for now...

Still here. Still contracting. Still nothing progressive. Dammit.

This is the longest I've been pregnant, since I was induced 4 days before my edd with Travis.

Wish me labor vibes for this weekend, please?! :)
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Rachael said...

Dude I have just been stalking your blog. Come out Ashley!!!! I have a gift I want to send to you but I have to have her birth date before I send it. Just so you don't think I forgot about you guys :)

Good luck!!!! Thinking about you!

Nicole said...

Go have an In-n-Out Burger and animal fries - that should bring on labor! Oh wait, that's the first thing you eat AFTER the baby is born!

Sending you some positive vibes. Good luck!