Saturday, April 05, 2008

Come Out, Come Out, Little Drama Queen!

Still no baby... not for lack of trying, I tell you. I have had contractions since late last night... and all morning. They started getting really uncomfortable and coming about 3-5 minutes apart for almost 2 hours this morning. I went into L&D after talking wiht my doctor.

They kept me for a long time... mostly because my doctor went in for some major emergency c-section surgery for a couple of hours. I was monitored, and checked... and although the contractions are still every 3-5 minutes, my cervix is thinned out a little tiny bit more, but not dilated anymore.

So, they won't do anything to induce me until I get to 3 cms. After that we can try breaking my water, and using a bit of Pitocin to try and make a regular productive pattern of things.

This is just SOOOO frustrating... and tiring. And, I am starting to feel disappointed in myself- which does no good, of course, but still... it's there.

So, at least I was able to get in a good nap today... we tried to walk a bit around Carmel, but I was really to uncomfortable to do much walking. I think the sleep did me better, anyway.

We'll wait some more... hoping for a marked change in duration, frequency, or for my water to just spontaneously break.

Thanks for all the positive vibes, and support... I know I will be able to hold my little princess in my arms really soon! :)
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