Monday, March 24, 2008

Wating, waiting, waiting....

Had another OB appointment this morning... bp was 145/95 = hanging in there... but need to go back Thursday... and twice a week to monitor it... hopefully for not too much longer, though. Please... cross fingers for this baby to come soon.

I had an internal exam... no dilation yet... grrr... so all these Braxton-Hicks have apparently just been to piss me off so far. My pelvis and low back have been killing me... so she is most definitely engaged, and LOW... but nada yet on the progress front.

I am supposed to go do the pre-reg stuf @ the hospital this week... so I guess it's good to get that over with before baby gets here... I did start packing my hospital bag today... toiletries, jammies (for me), nursing pads, and lollipops for labor.

I ordered a Bravado nursing tank and bra online, so hopefully they will be here soon. When I went grocery shopping today, I stocked up on postpartum pads - just need some Tucks pads, and I should be all set.

Still need to go to storage and locate my nursing pillow... and also wash baby laundry, and my slings.

Jeff's birthday is this Saturday... so I guess only time will tell if we'll have a new baby to help us celebrate... or else, I suppose the waiting game will continue...

I am sooo tired... I have heartburn... and just realized I am completely out of Tums.... crap.
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Wendy-MommyInTheKnow said...

Just thought I would give you a word of encouragement. With my second baby I didn't dilate a cm until the day before she was born. So you know it might happen soon anyway. Have they suggested striping your membranes? That can speed things up a bit with out the induction. Best of luck to you and yours.