Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring is here... baby stays put for now...

My OB appointment today went well. BP was down a bit... 140/87 - and I had a Non-Stress Test... which was reactive. So, basically, everything is good... and I go back Monday. I'm thinking I will have to go 2-3 times a week now, just to make sure my blood pressure is behaving.

I do still think this baby will end up having a March birthday... but maybe I'm just being hopeful. I am ready to meet her, and not be pregnant any longer than absolutely necessary. It sounds like induction is off the table for now... so let's hope all these crazy BH contractions are doing something.... something besides annoying the crap out of me, and making it hard to sleep. I guess I'll be checked for progress on that Monday as well.

As for Travis... I think he's finally recovered from this last round of ickiness... and the bad attitude/whine-fest/emo-ness that came along with it. He's still not wanting to eat very much, at ALL... but I guess the kid won't starve... right?

So, barring anything unexpected... we should have a nice, mostly quiet weekend with family... Saturday, we're taking Travis to the city-wide Easter Egg Hunt, and probably heading over to some friends for an afternoon BBQ. Then, Sunday, we go to Jeff's Grandma's for Easter... with uncles, cousins, etc.

It should be nice... except for the faux-grief I'm going to get from Jeff's Uncle Steve for not bringing my carrot cake. Seriously... it's like crack - but I am NOT baking a cake right now. As good as EATING it sounds.... MAKING it is a pain-in-my-ass... and I already have one of those right now. Oh, and in my back, and legs, and cervix, and.... you know.... everywhere.
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