Friday, March 14, 2008


Well, my acupuncture chick flaked... to be fair, she had a cold, but still. Ugh. After some scrambling, I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning.... with another lady. I had a chiro adjustment today, so hopefully, they will work to get this kiddo to turn head down.

Travis has been feverish for the last few days. Feverish, clingy, cranky, whiny, you name it. At first I thought it must be his back molars coming in... but I'm convinced after talking to the Pediatric nurse on the phone today, it's something viral that's been going around. Poor kid's been sick so much lately... especially considering how healthy he always has been. But, again, he nursed right up until this November - and this is the cold & flu season he's been vulnerable because he's not getting my antibodies any longer. Poor little man! I just hope we don't get it, too.

Anyway... family is coming in tomorrow to celebrate Jeff's birthday early. His birthday isn't until the 29th.... but we could have a baby by then! Even though it's supposed to rain... hopefully we will manage to have a good time! :)

Waiting for Jeff & Travis to get back from Papa John's with our pizza. Mmm. Pizza!

36 weeks, 6 days... and counting.
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