Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Turn, Baby - TURN!

Well, Ashley is at this moment, breech. She's Oblique, or, not exactly transverse... but kinda at an angle. Head is down by my right side, bottom, up by my left. Lovely, huh?
I kinda had my suspicions of this... because over the last couple of weeks, I have felt round "parts" at BOTH sides of my abdomen.

Anyway. Doc wants me to come back next Tuesday to see if she's moved. Supposedly, because I have adequate amniotic fluid - there's a bout a 70% chance that she will either turn on her own, or they will do the version. If that doesn't work? Ugh. You know what comes next. I don't even want to think about the "C-word" right now. Really, I don't.

I spent awhile on SpinningBabies today... and tried to get educated on the topic...

I made an appointment for Acupuncture this Thursday, after speaking to a few people who SWEAR it helped them or someone they know. I am also calling my Chiropractor in the morning, and pulling out my exercise ball. Wish me luck, ok?
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Allie said...

I laid in a pool on a noodle floatie thing with my belly downhill to get my kid to turn...and went to a massage person. Good luck.

Texasbelle said...

Turn baby turn! Now look, I've had three c-sections, and they aren't the end of the world. I hope you can avoid one but don't stress about it...stressing keeps the baby in one position. :)

Rachael said...

Turn baby! Yeah, I agree, c-sections are not that bad. Sure they hurt for a few days, but if i can handle them anyone can.
they thought Keaton was breach right up until c-section day. They did an ultrasound and found he was head down. Although I suspect he had always been head down and they were retards. No that it mattered. But I guess they wanted to know what they were going to deliver first.