Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cold, wet, whiny...

Apparently, staying well is too much to ask. Case in point... sore throat, sinus pressure, stuffy,coughing... general malaise.. Ugh.

Lovely, no?

Yeah... and SOOO needed, cause, really? We haven't been sick in DAYS!

But, otherwise... I guess we're good. We took the Neon up to the Bay Area over the weekend, so that's finally done.

This weekend... we REALLY plan on putting Travis' bed back into his room, as well as making a storage run.

I want to get the infant carseat out of storage, and wash the cover, install it into the van... and put the extra base into Jeff's car. That way, we'll be prepared for whenever this baby comes, and Travis will have a visual reminder that the baby will be here SOON - as well as the fact that we're switching his carseat to the opposite side of the van.

In all reality, we still have plenty of time... I'm only 33 1/2 weeks - but still, it will make it easier for later.

Oh, it's raining... AGAIN... yay! We literally haven't left the house in 2 days... so I really want to go somewhere today. Easier said than done... I don't want to go exposing anyone to these cold germs... but I think a Starbucks/Target run is definitely in order. I haven't had any coffee since Monday... just tea. So, yeah, that would be nice... except for the inevitable heartburn.

Plus, I probably should make a Trader Joes run, to stock up on milk, yogurt, and SOMETHING for tonight's dinner. Wish me luck...
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