Friday, February 15, 2008


YAWN!!! Soo tired... really, really tired!!

Travis refused his nap yesterday, so the evening was a little chaotic.

Hubby brought home a bouquet of pink roses, and we ordered take-out Chinese. :)


I also got a kick-ass care package in the mail from the incomparable Anne. Seriously? She does kick ASS! :) I feel so loved and spoiled! Blankies for the baby... Chocolate, and essential oil for mama, a really cute Baby Food Cookbook, and even some gourmet Pear Champagne Vinegar for making salad dressing. Oh, and a toy distraction for Travis to bring to the hospital.
Thank you Anne, it made my day! You RAWK lady! :)

Right now, I am listening to the dishwasher do its thing... and having some Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. It's supposed to be especially good for the end of pregnancy... I guess it certainly can't hurt! :)

Happy long weekend to you! We're headed up to the in-laws for probably the one of the last times before this baby gets here. Seriously, the 2-hour-away car ride is interrupted by peeing at least 2-3 times, and having to stretch... I can't imagine keeping it up for much longer...
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