Friday, January 11, 2008

Wrapping up the week

This week has been fairly un-eventful. But, that's okay... I'm not complaining! :)

I had my OB appointment on Tuesday. Everything looks good. My blood sugar was 130, and they want you at that or below. I blame all those Peppermint Mochas during the holidays! LOL! He said as long as it wasn't higher than 130, not to worry. My BP was 120/70, so perfectly fine, and growth was good.

I am getting very uncomfortable. Lots of pelvic and lower back discomfort. This little girl is very, very low... and boy am I feeling it right about now. Ugh. My lower right hip/back is killing me right now... but I can't get into the chiro until next week. So, I just know the drive up to the in-laws tomorrow morning is going to be super-fun on my already thrashed body. Oh well, such is life.

I took a bunch of Travis' old baby clothes to the 2 consignment stores in town. The one I went to today is very chi-chi.... they only take higher-end stuff. Like, Gap, Gymboree and above. (Way, WAY above... there was some stuff in there that was ridiculous. $300. For infant clothing. Ugh.) So, I only took in some of the very nicest things I had in the 0-6 month sizes... they pay out about 35% of the selling price.... which is okay.

The coolest thing about this boutique, is that they buy everything up front, and send you a check. So, that will be nice. Honestly, I don't even want store credit in this place, it's that $$.

The other place, is much more relaxed. They are not snobby about brands, and everything is very reasonably priced. So, that's the place I will do the store credit for. They do 60% store credit, or 40% cash payout. I bought a big stack of things for Ashley there - Gymboree, Baby Gap, Carters, Osh Kosh, all of it... some of it was 2 piece sets, too! I got like 12 items of really nice stuff - for $23.00 total. So, wow - like $3.00 or under an item! Can't beat those prices!! :)

Anyway... going to try and bribe the kid to take a nap with me... cause I am really, really tired. He's been fighting them hard this week... I really hope it's just a phase... cause I will seriously fuh-reak out if he decides not to nap anymore!

Dude, only 3 months to go, until I am seriously outnumbered! How nuts is that?!
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Allie said...

So I think you probably live about 2 hours from me but I have a lot of baby girl stuff I'm looking to get rid of...

do you want random free baby clothing?