Friday, January 04, 2008

Stormy Weather....

It's rockin' and rollin' out there today! Stormy, wet, windy as crap! Just in typing this post.... the power has flickered twice! Yikes! I checked there are "gusts" predicted from 39-60 miles an hour!! Woah!

I didn't sleep well last night.... the ROAR of the wind, and the tree branches hitting the window made for a very loud night. Plus, Travis was tossing and turning next to me, which kept me awake, as well.

I had to go do my (27-week!!) 1-hour blood glucose test this morning. I went to the lab at 7:00am.... and they gave me a Lemon-Lime drink this time. It wasn't as bad as the orange-flavored one.... which just made me wanna puke. They also only took 2 vials of blood, unlike my 14 week visit, where they took enough for a whole OB panel. Like, um, 8 vials? So, it wasn't so bad. I guess.

I had my iPod, and was rockin' Justin Timberlake, and knitting for the hour I had to wait in the office. I started a pair of Little Turtle Knits Picky Pants last night. They are a dark raspberry color, and I am going to make them capris and do the picot trim along the ankles.

I really want to try dying some yarn up with Koolaid, as I have seen some awesome results on Ravelry.

It looks like I will have a lot of time for knitting, as the storms are forecasted to be going strong this weekend.

I do need to venture out later to go to Trader Joes.... but for the most part, we are staying inside today!

Thank goodness we have the seldom-used Playdough, paints, and Travis' new Thomas the Train Aquadoodle from Christmas to hopefully keep us occupied, electricity or no! :)
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1 comment:

Rachael said...

We've had some really shitty weather here. Snowing for 3 days straight. I am so in need of some sun.
I totally loved the Orange drink both times. Although I love Sunkist orange soda. So maybe that is why. When do you hear the results?
Hope you are hanging in there lady!