Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year...

I like that, each year... after the hustle and bustle leading up to the holidays... there is a week or so of just being. After all the shopping, and baking, and wrapping, and rushing.... after the unwrapping, and giving, and getting, and returning...the stores have the wrapping paper, and ornaments marked down to super-cheap.

It's calming... the Christmas trees and lights are still up. The decorations on the city light posts haven't come down yet... And... just like that... it's done. And calm. And comforting.

I made a huge pot of soup on New Years Eve afternoon. And it was just like that.... soothing, calming, comforting. There's something about the process of making soup. It's a labor of love.... chopping, nurturing, seasoning, simmering, stirring... and then you have this delicious meal afterwards. It's so nice.... especially, since we live in this culture of NOW! PREPACKAGED! INSTANT! FAST! To actually do something simple like take the TIME to make soup. It's not hard... but it's a departure from the norm. It's actually, almost meditative. Then you can package it up and send it home with your friends and family.

This year, I don't have any fancy resolutions, Uberlists, or goals. It's simple for me this year. I just want to enjoy my family, be the best mother that I can be, simplify, and make soup more often. :)
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Rachael said...

I always get so depressed after everything is done. My sis and her fam went home yesterday to TX and I took down the tree. It feels os sad and empty now. I wish I could feel the same way you do.
Speaking of soup if you like Corn Chowder check out Mimi cafe's website. They list their recipe for it right on there. I made it a few weeks ago and it was so damn good.