Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Baking cookies, and a baby....

I love holiday baking! I just have to stagger it out this year, so not to be overwhelmed by a 2-day-bake-athon as in previous years.... pre-child, mais oui!

Anyway... I am not working anymore, and I used to bake for those I worked with, bosses, officemates... but all that is no more.

Today, we're having our Parent's Place holiday potluck. I baked up a batch of these yummy Black-Bottom Coconut Bars this morning, and they are cooling in the pan, awaiting slicing. Our whole place smells so good right now! I also did some slice-and-bake cookies adorned with colored sugar this morning. I made the dough a few days ago, and wrapped it up and tucked it in the fridge. The dough was left from The Spritz cookie baking attempt Friday - which - sadly, failed... by no fault of the recipe. That dubious honor belongs to the Wilton cookie press I used (brand new - by the way)and it sucked so much.... but a replacement is on its way to me... damn right - I called and complained!

Yesterday Travis helped me cut out (packaged, GASP!) "Gingerbread Boy Cookies" and I need to stop by the store today and pick up some pasteurized egg whites for the Royal Icing. I tried and tried to find Meringue Powder in the grocery store... but I was only able to find the huge-ass Wilton can of Powdered Meringue at the craft store. For $8.00. Um.... no thank you! So, I will make it with pasteurized egg whites instead... and today we will decorate our Gingerbread Boy Cookies! :)

Anyway... the holiday projects are coming along.... slowly, but surely. The calendar is nearly complete... the knitting is... well... it's coming. Eventually.

I had my 23 week OB appointment yesterday... unremarkable... which is exactly how I like them. BP was 100/70 so... Woohoo! I have to do the GD test again in 3 weeks. They have you do it at 12 and 26 weeks now, apparently. So, ugh. But whatever.

I need to stop by the bookstore to pick up a book for our $5.00 book exchange before class today. So, guess I need to go now...
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