Monday, November 12, 2007

To do......

So, apparently I screwed up the whole Blog Every Day for the month of November thing. Cause.... ummm.... yeah. A little thing called having a LIFE got in the way. Bleh. Life.... it gets in the way of things I NEED to do, and leaves very little time for the things I actually WANT to do.

My apartment is STILL a mess, except for my bathroom. The laundry STILL needs to be done, and folded. The yarn is STILL taking over my living room. I STILL need to hang up the four pictures I spent an hour matting and putting into frames the other day. It STILL looks like Romper Room in here, what with all of the pieces of brightly-colored plastic that look like Toys R Us exploded all over the living room. I STILL need to work on my Christmas gift-knitting.

Today, though... we went out to lunch. We took Travis to see the Bee Movie. We went grocery shopping, and looked at vans. I worked on my digi-scrap calendar this morning, and loaded the dishwasher. Oh, and showered. And made dinner. So some things, they did get accomplished, see? I just hope I have clean undies to wear tomorrow.
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