Tuesday, November 13, 2007

19 weeks....

I couldn't remember if I had an OB appointment today... so I called this morning. Well, actually I woke up at 10 after 9. And, guess what? My appointment was at 9:45 CRAP! So, I rushed us out the door. For what? Only to have to wait in the office, for an HOUR with a pretty pissed-off 3 year old. Nice. Just how I want to start my morning.

Everything is going good, though. Nice strong, heartbeat, my BP is behaving at 130/60, and the growth is right on. No weight gain for me in the last in 2 weeks, so woohoo!

My next appt. is on 12/11. But, by then, we will already know what we're having.... my 4-D ultrasound is scheduled for 12/1. I can't wait! :)
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1 comment:

Anne said...

it always happens like that. oh well. Have a good weekend!!