Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Counting down!

I am just dying over here... this is DAY 3 of the Headache from Hell! Nothing has worked. Not caffeine, Advil, gallons of water, sleep. Every night I have gone to sleep with it, and I can tell it's STILL HERE every morning before I even open my eyes.

So, later on this morning - I'm going to the Chiro to get my neck adjusted. Cause damn. If that doesn't do it.... well.... I am going to remain a Very Unhappy Mommy.

Okay... making my compulsive lists... things to get done, things to pack, things to buy before our trip. We are driving up to the ILs on Friday night.... so I need to finish getting the packing list together. And then START PACKING tomorrow!

I have a long and ambitious list.... but right now I will be happy with
1. Getting rid of this effing headache!
2. Cleaning my by-now repulsive bathroom.... it's been many weeks, and it shows. Ugh.
Emptying the dishwasher, reloading, and mopping the kitchen.
3. Taking my car in for a wash, vacuum, and Armor-all, cause... again.... ugh.

Getting anything else done.... well, that would just be a bonus.

And, yes! My period has made its appearance! So, hopefully, it will be wrapping up before we head out to PV. Yay!
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1 comment:

Anne said...

maybe allergies? there is a ton of pollen in the air down here, everyone whose anyone seems to be feeling the effects. hope your headache leaves you and if nothing else, have a margarita.