Saturday, April 14, 2007

Getting ready for Vacay!

So, today we hit the laundromat. In the pouring rain! Oh! Yes! We! Did!

3 hours, and 8 loads of folded laundry later.... we were done. Then, we dropped the laundry at home, and I made a shopping list. We went to Wal*Mart, Trader Joes, and Safeway. Now I am having a well-deserved beer.

This time next week, I will be enjoying our FABULOUS MEXICAN VACATION!!!! Yay!!! So, we've been listening to this Spanish-learning Podcast, and reading out of the Spanish phrasebook as best as our gringo asses are able. At least I will be able to ask for a beer, and say I don't speak Spanish. LOL!

Oh, please pray to the Menstrual Goddess for me. I REALLY want to start my period in the next day or two... so I am NOT carrying the 'pons with me to Mehico. Plus, I might actually wanna have some S-E-X while on vacay, Mmmmkay? Is that REALLY too much to ask?

And, hopefully... this might just be my last period for a good long while! *wink, wink!*


Eh hem..... so, if the weather holds tomorrow, we will take Travis to the park.... and I will go spend some $$$ at my LYS (local yarn $tore. I am dying to start this Log Cabin Blanket I saw in the Mason Dixon Knitting book. Oh.... the humanity! I have SO many unfinished projects right now! Grr! I am Officially Obesessed. Yup!
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Anonymous said...

I remember playing around with the log cabin knitting thing a year or so ago. Easy as pie, once you've got that whole "picking up the right # of stitches" figured out!

Anne said...

Ok, I am doing an anti- menstrual dance for you...let my no menses blood reach out over the internet from Texas to California and push your period back until you return from vacation to meh-hee-co. And you'd better be swimming in margaritas and tacos soon!