Thursday, November 16, 2006


It's been a tough week...

Travis has had a runny nose.... so playgroups have been out of the picture... it's rained, and I cannot find my regular glasses... so no driving after dark. Somehow sunglasses aren't quite working after 6:00pm. Heh.

Tantrums, and my PMS hormones... made worse by the fact that Travis isn't nursing as much right now.... it's just been One of Those Weeks.

But, my wonderful Husband, in conjunction with my wonderful Mother-in-law, are making it possible for he and I to have a day off together. We're leaving The Youngling with MIL, and escaping up to San Francisco on Sunday for the day. For the first time since Travis was born... we're leaving him. Actually, we saw a movie once, while Travis stayed with Jeff's mom, but that was only a couple of hours... and we were only a mile away.

But, this? This is just what we've been needing. Time to relax, have a drink, see a movie, do some Christmas shopping.... while Travis plays at Gramma's. Yay!!

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Rachael said...

How awesome! I hope you had a fantabulous day off from the T man? John and I are in need of a day off really bad. I may have to ask my mom in law to sit with the kids for a day so we can miss them and realize we do love our kids :)