Monday, November 13, 2006

Yep, he's certainly 2!

Travis has a runny nose. And, I'm sneezing. Again. Yay!

Saturday, The Youngling (my newest term for Travis) Was a crazy, insane, unbearable 2 year old ALL DAY LONG! I suspect that a lot of it is due to his back molars - which appear to be making his gums all red and swollen.

But, still. Bitch, whine, moan, scream, fling, tantrum, flail. Lather, rinse, repeat.

That was how our Saturday went.

I actually had to resort to doing something I never thought I'd do. No, of course I didn't spank him... but I did, in a moment of desperation, and at the peak of an evening meltdown - put him - screaming - in his room. And I closed the door.

I know, it's like GASP! YOU CALL YOURSELF A.P.???!!!

Yes, because he was only in there for maybe a minute. And it was either that, or fling him off our balcony (kidding - but you get what I'm saying...)

Also, besides waiting for that + sign to show up on the pregnancy test with him - it felt like the longest minute of my life! Mommy guilt abounded, I assure you!

And then Jeff went in, and got him. Jeff held him, and talked to him, while Travis pulled himself together. And, while he was doing the daddy resue thing - I sobbed the entire time out in the living room - feeling absolutely awful.

Afterward, though, it was all so much better. I went in and cuddled a much, much more pulled together Travis, and talked to him. I apologised that I had to put him in his room, but that he needed to behave and listen. He really seemed to understand, as he snuggled with me.

Then, I asked if he wanted to go out to the living room and cuddle (nurse). He agreed. "Uccle! Uccle!" And, uccle we did, he was asleep in mere minutes.

I really don't want to use such drastic measures with him regularly. But, I was at the end of my patience quota. It did seem to have a positive impact. Though at the time - I had myself convinced I was a complete parenting failure - an A.P fraud - you name it, I thought it.

Yesterday, he was perfect. Not even an inkling of the toddler monster from the previous day.

Yes... he's not yet a Padwan Learner, and I am not yet a Jedi Master Momma!
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Anonymous said...

I have to do that sometimes with my "18 month old who believes she's 2 years old". She seems to need the time to calm down before she can deal with me...and I need the 10 minutes to pull myself together so I don't "fling her off the balcony", figurately speaking. So, I understand!

Rachael said...

Oh girl! I know how that feels. I remmeber when I first had to put Gavin i nthe naughty spot and I jus tcried because I felt like a horrible mom. But they gotta learn. And you need that time to regroup. Some times I get so mad at Gavin that I have to leave the room and lock myself upstrais for a minute or two so I can come back down and not kill him.
Its just the way two year olds are. Expect many more days like this one LOL.