Friday, November 17, 2006

Be happy I'm here at all.....

Writing Wednesday on Friday.

Brain-dump of to-do list:

Make Grocery List. Meal Plans. Get your ass back on Sonoma. Shit, Thanksgiving is next week. Okay, after Thanksgiving. But BEFORE Christmas. Crap. Well, DEFINATELY BEFORE New Year's!

Load dishwasher, yes, AGAIN! Damn, I guess our maid has the day off!

Check Post Office box.

Take a shower. No, seriously! You're starting to smell. Ok, well, then - at least wash your face, put on deoderant, pull your hair back, and wear some makeup, so people THINK you've showered today.

Frame pictures, 'cause they are NOT framing themselves.
And, really? Get cracking on your family Christmas gift project. It's going Sloooow.

Shit! Christmas! It's sneaking up on you! Quickly! Okay, find or take a suitable photo soon for this year's Christmas card. And order them!

Shop for SIL's b-day gift - like tomorrow!
Bake and freeze her cake. Or, wait until the last minute and do it Wednesday night. Yup, wait 'til then....

Need to clean fish tank (icky!), assuming there ARE still live fish in there?!

Clean out car, really should get it washed but it needs to be emptied out first.
Do laundry, but go to the bank first and get quarters.

While you're there, walk across the street and get a new parking pass for your car.

Shave Yeti legs, buy razor blades, buy tampons.

Go for a walk today, ok, go for a walk around the MALL today!
Finish my unfinished Digi-Scrapping layouts, and get them printed out.

Paint nails, tweeze eyebrows, clean make-up brushes, go clothes shopping, floss, drink water, Eggnog Latte. Mmm!

So, yeah, 1/2 of this will get done, if I'm lucky.... by this time next week.
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holli said...

I'm pretty sure you tapped into my head and stole this content. My legs and armpits are getting scary because I can't find the replacements for my razors!!

TMI I'm sure!!!

Rachael said...

This could be my list. Especially about the diet. I have gained back 15lbs and I am bummed. But its like, Christmas is coming .Candy will be everywhere. Diet will have to wait.
Also I am queen of "dray bathing". That is where I spray myself with perfume to cover my 5 day unwashed self! score!

Mrs. Flinger said...

Throw in several more cusswords and you're right there with me! :-)