Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oh, dear lord... WARNING! TMI

Consider yourself warned...

I just changed Travis' poopy diaper. For the love of GOD! Stinky to high heaven. And what could be worse? The fact that he had corn on FRIDAY night. And, guess what? His poop was totally full of undigested corn kernels. Oh yes.... nearly 4 days later! Isn't that nasty? Oh well, at least it was in a disposable, and not in the cloth dipes. Yetch!
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holli said...

It must be poop day on the blogs.. this is poop post number 3 in a row!!

I hate corn anyway.. so this just reinforces that!!

The older they get - the worse it smells.. which really makes you want to help them along in the potty training arena. I wish we could make some more progress there!

Rachael said...

Oh god! I hate corn poop. Sometimes when I am eating corn the thought of what it looks like in Gav's diaper pops up and i almost dry heave.
Keats just started soild food, NASTY smelly poop!