Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Wish I had a Get Out of Poop Free Card....

Wow. 2 poop entries in as many days. I hope there are no fecalpheliacs Googling my blog because of this.

We went to Parents Place today.... where the topic of interest was, timely enough... "Potty Teaching". LOL.

Then we got home, and Travis wanted to nurse, and was getting sleepy. I sat down at the computer and nursed him sitting up, and he fell asleep. Then, I realized he's pooped. Man, nothing sucks more than having to wake a sleeping toddler because his butt needs to be chiseled off.

So, I took him into our room, and nonchalantly threw a cloth diaper down on our bed, and layed him on it. Normally, I'd get the changing pad, but he was sleeping, and I was doing this all one-handed.

Mistake #1. (ALWAYS change crappy diapers on the changing pad!)

I took off his Shoo Shoos and removed his pants. He sleepily rolled over to his tummy. I grabbed a disposable dipe, and the wipe container, and un-velcro his diaper. Icky! Full of nasty crap. Just like I'd expected, only far, far worse.

I take the crappy diaper completely off, and pull his legs upward to avoid having any contact with said poopy mess.
I went to wipe him up, and of course, the wipes ran out as soon as I started pulling them out.

Mistake #2. (ALWAYS check the supplies beforehand!)

Then he wakes up, and starts struggling and kicking and screaming.

Mistake # 3. (ALWAYS move the crappy diaper out of kicking range!)

Oh, you guessed it. He kicked his foot into the mess, and flipped over on his stomach.... poop was everywhere! He was covered from head to toe in crap. It was all over him, me, and our lovely down-filled micro-suede comforter.

After the screaming subsided... on both of our parts, and then the decontamination with plenty of hot water and wipes, and Bath and Body Works Anti-Bac soap, he was finally able to get calmed down again. Well, me too.

After I stripped our bed of the befouled comforter, I nursed him to sleep. I ended up joining him in the nap. I think it did both of us well.

So, at the moment our comforter is enjoying a much-needed bath in the washer. I washed it on warm instead of cold like the instructions said, but I added a shite-load (LOL!!!) of detergent, so hopefully it will be good as new.


Hopefully this kid does learn to crap in the toilet soon, cause I don't know how much more of this my nerves can handle!
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Anne said...

oh yeah, you can't PAY for that kind of learning, you just have to experience it yourself.

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry; I do feel for you. Bleh!